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NEO Paints

NEO Paints Is A Namibian Company Manufacturing Paint Since 1953.


Founded and established by Hubert Hesse in 1953, making it the largest and longest-standing paint manufacturer in Namibia. Hesse wanted to make Namibian paint for Namibian conditions and so he opened up the first NEO Paints head office in Windhoek, where we are still operating today.

Over the last 65 years, our proudly “Buy Namibian, for Namibians” platform has built a loyal and strong customer base. Our name has become synonymous among homeowners, hardware retailers and contractors for our quality product range and has succeeded in positioning the company as the leader in the paint manufacturing sector of Namibia.

We are a market leader in the local Namibian paint industry and we react cleverly to market demands and economic changes. Our headquarters and manufacturing site is located in Bell Street, Southern Industrial, Windhoek, with an additional distribution centre in Walvis Bay, but our product ranges are available in all major retail stores and smaller hardware stores nationwide.

The Best Painting Products Since 1953.

We offer paint solutions from surface preparation products, quality paint to the cleaning of your painting tools. Currently, we have more than 200 locally produced paint-related products.

We have a selected range of products which are SABS approved as proof of our continued commitment to quality.

A variety of products have been tested and classified with low VOC levels. This means the volatile organic compounds found in NEO Paints, is proofed not to be harmful to our people and our environment.


A technical guide that will indicate & demonstrate how you would paint a specific surface.
For example: “How to paint an already painted wall?”

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NEO Paints

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