Our Admin, Accounts and Warehouse have moved to our Brakwater factory site at Carin Paark, next to the B1 road opposite Elisenheim. But our FACTORY SHOP will still be located in Bell street!


Our new packaging is starting to fill the shelves of your favourite retailers. Still the same product you have come to trust over the years with a fresh new look.


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who we are

The Best Painting Products Since 1953.

NEO Paints Factory specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of paint, and other paint related products and accessories, to the Namibian markets. Currently, we have more than 200 locally produced paint-related products and a range of unique, imported products to suit your specific need.

What we offer

We have a wide range of paint products to offer a complete painting solution. This would include products and tools for the repair, preparation and finishing paint. Search through our range of products to get detail information on the correct product to use for a big or small project.


Paint Namibia with a Coat of Excellence

For over 68 years NEO Paints has created a Namibian legacy of creating personalised paint solutions that blend quality and innovation to bring beauty to the harshest environments, and colour to your life

Need help?  Vra Fritz!

Technical Support For Any Project Or Problem

Tel: 061 384 700/709