Mineral Turpentine


Neo Mineral Turpentine is a general thinner that can be used for a variety of NEO paint products. Neo Mineral Turpentine is a flammable liquid and should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Used as thinner for:

  • Neo Dur Eggshell (SABS 515-2) (sg00)
  • Neo Dur High Gloss (SABS 630-2) (hg00)
  • Neo Silk (ns00)
  • Neo Universal Undercoat (wu00)
  • Neo Pink Primer (pi00)
  • Neo Window Primer (wp10)
  • Neo Plastic Varnish (pv00)
  • Neo Stain Varnish (sv10)
  • Neo Siegellack (sl00)
  • Neo Woodcoating (wc00)
  • Neo Linseed Oil (lo00)
  • Neo Floor Paint (fp00)

Pack sizes:

1L, 5L, 20L & 200L