Structural cracks normally work a lot, and depending on their width, must be treated different to normal plaster cracks. Cracks should be saturated with NEO Bonding Liquid and then repaired with NEO Repair Paste, working the paste well into the cracks. Work the NEO Repair Paste in 2mm thick layers and allow each layer to dry for one hour (applying Repair Paste too thick will prolong drying time tremendously and will lead to shrinkage and possible shrinkage cracks). Repeat until crack cavity is completely filled. Work off last layer to smooth with moist spatula to minimize sanding (NEO Repair Paste is highly flexible, thus extremely difficult to sand).

Cracks above 8 to 10mm width it is recommendable to fill the crack with a Builders Foam, cut excessive foam away with a carpet knife and then fill and work off with NEO Repair Paste. As the NEO Repair Paste stays flexible, it is recommended to work off the NEO Repair Paste as good as possible, as sanding will be difficult.

Alternatively, an experienced builder should repair the cracks with conventional methods.

Remember that NEO Aurora Filler should not be used exterior where a lot of moisture can penetrate the wall, as this filler contains plaster of Paris, which swells if in constant moist conditions. Rather use the NEO Repair Paste in such circumstances. Always seal the filler repaired area with NEO Bonding Liquid prior to painting.